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Re: Fibromyalgia and more -- is this it for the rest of my life

Thank you all!!! I am not trying to blackmail my doctor!! It just amazes me that there are so many people out there in pain be it fibro - back injuries - migraines, etc... there are a lot of people out there with chronic pain.... I just don't treat my fibro with the narcotics, It also treats my sciatica nerve, tailbone pain (I have fractured my tailbone twice, and that pain never goes away), carpo tunnel syndrome, migraines, and so many other things wrong with my body. What I don't get is someone with little or no pain, get these medicine's from their doctor and they are out there selling it!!! I got asked the other day, "Why are you taking them, you should sell them and make money!!" My answer, "because I need them for my chronic pain!"

Yes I have tried cymbalta and all I did was throw up all the medicine I took with it and/or food - so obviously I can not take it. I am allergic to any non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs.... so advil, ibuprofen, etc I can not take as my throat swells and break out in hives... my epi-pen is always where ever I go.

So to sum up for now, thanks all for replies, and until further notice as of this date, my doctor has increased my flexeril up to 3 times a day, and tylenol 2 3-4 times as needed and percocet 1 tablet twice daily.

It makes me very unhappy to say I am trying to blackmail my doctor, I am doing the best I can to try to save my liver from taking tylenol with codeine for the last 25 years or more... I am treating several chronic pain not just fibro -- to go along with my bi-polar, panic disorder, ADHD... etc

thanks again all!!
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