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Re: Is this posterior tibial tendonitis?

Wow- thanks for sharing. That must be SO hard to still be working up to running. I miss it so much (Friday is exactly one year since my last run- I should probably avoid anyone & everyone I care about & stay in bed all day!). At this point, though, I'd give anything for even a little bit of elliptical or bike- I'm not exactly much of a swimmer!

It's so hard not having a conclusive diagnosis. I've had 2 orthos say PTT, one say just awful shin splints, and one suggest there's no structural damage and it's neuralgia. At this point, I know I need surgery (exactly like you- I've tried every type of conservative treatment out there basically). It's just scary that so many people want to do different types of surgeries- two say "remove your tendon" and two say "your tendon is completely fine, definitely don't remove it." I just don't wanna screw up and do the wrong thing- sometimes I'm sure its PTT and sometimes I'm sure (like you) I'll end up with some completely different diagnosis that they've just been missing. I'm SO ready for surgery, I just want at least some sort of consensus or agreement as to which surgery I need :/

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