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Can Gallstones and englarged spleen cause a fever?

Hi everyone.

I finally got diagnosed with gallstones and an enlarged spleen after suffering with multiple symptoms starting the first week of September. The diagnoses came last Friday, and I had to beg for it from my PCP because they kept sending me to my GI specialist who I have yet to see (first appointment is this Friday). They finally told me what my diagnoses was after waiting 4 days after the ultrasound and it was my doctors receptionist who told me said diagnoses. Besides that unprofessional decision they are denying an appointment there before my GI specialist appointment.

Sorry for the rant, this is the reason why I am starting to seek advice from peers, I have been suffering from diarrhea accidents once a week, which has died down this week, I am weak and have pain under my ribs on both sides which I assume is the gallbladder and spleen. I then got a fever of 101 last night and was wondering is it possible for this to be a part of the diagnoses. I am in pain everyday and feel weaker than ever.

I am hoping that someone can give me some advice on questions to ask my specialist, other possible things to get checked out and if I should wait until Friday or if I should go to the ER again because of the fevers. I am not terrified but slightly worried, as gallstones are hereditary in my family. Thank you in advance.

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