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Microscopic Hematuria and elevated BUN

I'm a 52-yr old post menopausal woman and have considered myself healthy. I am under a great deal of stress but exercise to relieve that stress. Over the past year, two blood tests have shown microscopic trace of blood in urine and slightly elevated BUN. Both times my primary doctor told me I was dehydrated but I do drink liquids. Since I was worried, my doctor ordered a 24 hr urine test, Sed rate test, kidney ultrasound, and CBC. All tests came back normal. My creatine clearance on one test was slightly high (118) vs the normal 75-115 range but no big deal. GFR was good.

I had a kidney/abdominal ultrasound that came back normal.

I had a PAP 6 months ago which was normal. I went back to my OB/GYN for a pelvic ultrasound which was normal.

Finally, I had an in-office cystoscope. The urologist took some images but said everything looked normal. He did some other pathology tests that also came back normal.

I don't have any pain. Sometimes, I have a slight burning sensation in my lowest abdominal area. Since all my tests came back ok, what could be the reason for this microscopic blood? The doctors say it can be normal but I don't feel comfortable with this claim. I don't know why I have trace blood in my urine this year. Also, why could my Creatinine be higher?

The only difference from last year in my health is that I've gained 5 pounds from menopause.

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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