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confused... Lyme or autoimmune of both?

I have been trying to figure out for years what my illness is. It started with a bad cold and cough and an upper respiratory infection. From there it went to a chronic fatigue type of thing, then stomach issues and feeling of just being sick and something felt very wrong. So many symptoms. To many to list now. But after all of that it went to a tingling on top of head and balance issues, had eye twitching for 6 months (now gone)and neck pain, some ear pain, digestive issues, some joint pain....etc. I have been tested for lyme disease many times. The only results I got so far was a positive 18 and 41 from Igenix and two IND bands. I think it was 83-91 and I don't remember the other one. I also got a positive band 23 from another company called bio-reference. I also have hashimotos. I have been hypothyroid well before all of this. I have gone to many many drs including natural ones. Presently I am at a new wellness center and this dr feels I don't have lyme. He feels it is autoimmune related. One of the tests I took came back high and he is going further with autoimmune disease testing. It is the drvvt which indicates lupus. I know that lyme can cause autoimmune diseases so how do I know if I have lyme and lupus or i only have lyme. Would lyme cause a high drvvt result. This dr treats lyme but is not considered an LLMD. He is sure I don't have lyme. I am not so sure. He said I could have had Lyme but I don;t have a current infection. This dr is suppose to be a very good dr. Does anybody have any opinions? Thanks laLa

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