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Re: Tapering Norco help

thank you for your kind and encouraging words! in answer to your questions ( or at least the ones i remember) yes, i have been taking them as a prescription. he gives me 240 a month and sometimes i run out early and that is how i know about the withdrawals going cold turkey are too much for me. basically, i am tired of going through that every month and just want to get the need to take them every single day so frequently so that i never have to go through withdrawals again. and also, like you assumed, my condition has not improved in my jaw. i still have frequent pain, but when i need the medicine to treat it my boyfriend will give it to me. i have full trust in him and he knows everything about the situation so he wont let me down. as for trying medications to treat my nerve problem... i take 1200mg a day...and it doesn't help much.
i tried calling my doctor today to speak to him about it and he still hasn't responded. hopefully i get my answer soon because i am ready to be free.
if i forgot to answer any other questions or if you have more please let me know.
also, if anyone has a taper plan that they suggest i am open to suggestions!

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