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Re: confused...Lyme or autoimmune of both?

I am definitely no expert regarding lyme, but have been going thru treatment for lyme for 11 this is just my own info/experience.
My symptoms were very similar to yours - tingling, shocks, and fatigue were my first symptoms that started to affect my life. I progressively went downhill fast. Ended up in hospital and had every test known done to me. Everything came back negative. Doctors thought I was crazy...
Ended up going to an llmd and having bloodwork done thru igenex. Only then did I show up positive for lyme, Babesia, bartonella. Lyme tests in hospital were negative.
I would definitely recommend seeing an llmd. Mine seriously saved my life.
I've been in treatment for eleven months. I've had ups and downs. But am definitely healing.
I bet the dr you are seeing is great, but an llmd would help you the most to give you a proper diagnosis. I saw over twenty five drs between hospital and dr offices. One neurologist told me to go home and eat protein. Another one told me to see a counselor and reevaluate my life. One told me "women your age have nervous breakdowns." I could go on and on about my experiences!
When I finally got to my llmd he listened, knew I wasn't crazy, and we got a diagnosis.
Thank god for llmds!