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Re: What is helpful to you to lessen pain?

Thank you for letting me know what vitamins you take... much appreciated!

I'm in the process of trying to get used to taking a magnesium/malic acid supplement but am having a lot of stomach problems at this time. I've been checked thoroughly and my stomach is fine, yet I'm still having problems... comes and goes... just like the weather... lol

Thank you for your encouragement... I started a daily exercise routine.... starting again... slowly, but daily, some treadmill, some bike and some e-fax machine.... I'll add weight bearing ones after getting used to the ones I'm doing now. You're very lucky to find a trainer who knows how to deal with Fibromyalgia... not too many people know what to do for someone in our situation.

Interesting... that's exactly how I feel.... I'm very positive yet I got used to the idea that "I can't do it" and with this attitude... that's what happens.... I can't do it, although I'm turning that this around by "Just do it".... like the Nike commercial... LOL

Thanks again for your encouragement!

Hope your packing is going well..... lol