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Exclamation Any Advice for A young Woman?

I had a thyroid test done. It is fine. I have been so tired I can not even get up hardly after 10-12 hours of rest. I also have so much pain in my shoulder and hip I can not even lay on that side hardly. My hip will throb and throb with pain. Also I have had Petechiae. All the way down my thighs on both, and some on my arm. At first it was a small patch and my doctor didnt think anything of it and prescribed me meloxicam for joint pain and some hydros, a couple days later before I started taking the meloxicam (so I know its not medication induced) The Petechiae has gotten way worse. It happens...goes away..then comes back worse. I've also had bleeding gums for about 7 months before any of the petechiae even happened. I had blood draw today and my doctor said I may need to see a specialist. I have been looking things up online since I got home and I just dont know what to think of expect. I feel like ***** honestly. i just want to feel better. Could this be leukemia or can I out that option. (that would be nice.)

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