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Smile Re: Panic symptoms, please respond. (I'm new.)

Hi there, there appears to be various things involved. People don't know smoking can harm different people in different ways, it can even damage your brain and nerves(don't get panicked by my this statement (:- smile,if you can smile then you in good shape(:- ) even cause MS (though not proved 100% researches under way), so one possible cause is smoking. Second take stock of your life what is giving stress to you. work, relationship,finances etc. Go for healthy life style.
Conclusion: let the toxic effect of smoking drain out of your body (will take months), let your stress level go down and you will feel better, ask your doc if you need benzo for panic attack. (You're also pregnant so ??) My son had all these things and when he kept complaining they did contrast MRI and nothing was there. For panic attack understand that it is your idiot friend who may tease and irritate you but can't harm you,smile and enjoy it as if you're on rollercoaster. Happy healing. Bb

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