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Re: After 14 encounters_all with girls_and no anal

Originally Posted by joggen View Post
Encounter #10 was your only risk- the other encounters were inconsequential.

Not much that we can add to what you were told on your previous thread. You should continue to test negative. 6 weeks is a great indication of your status, 3 months is conclusive.
Thank you for your reply. I just tested negative adn am so thankgul to god to have me safe now. I can take it's as an almost conclusive result, even if it is after 6 weeks, since the 10th encounter and the rest after that 11,12,13 &14 are not of any threat.
Also I have not gone though any such medical procedure within this 6 weeks, that weakens my immune system.
And hence my negative test results is, to the best of my knoweldge and present health condition, is the correct one.

With all regrets for my actions and all regards to every one replied to me so far,