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Re: foot drop?

Anyway, the Lortab issue was not as I expected. The gal called in a mere 30 pills with instructions to take one a day and witih NO refills. What a mess. So that took a phone call to straighten it out so an adjustment was called into the pharmacy ..

I've swapped braces again and I'm sending the tech crazy with all these changes.. I should be getting yet another one (smaller foot plate) any day now. The thing is not comfortable and hurts but it can't be helped. Glad to hear your foot pain is getting better. Mine isn't too bad except at night when I take the brace off and get into bed.. That's when the stabbing pains start.

Well, have a 'careful' day. We're having beautiful fall weather this morning but it won't last long before the humidity creeps back in and makes us miserable. As for our medicare Advantage Plan - no changes for us next year so we'll stay with the one we've had for a few years now. At least they pay our $96.40. BC/BS just came out this year with their plan .. is pretty good and a PPO which is good but I don't like their out of pocket or copays... We have so many to choose from .. after all Florida is a seniors paradise !!

Take care ..

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