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Re: please advise about Naso and gastric tube

When it becomes necessary to consider feeding tubes, you as caregiver need to the following, regardless of mode of feeding. First, you must assess the chances that the individual will regain the ability to self feed. In other words, you have to ask, is this temporary or is this permanent? Temporary is predicated that the patient is transiently incapacitated, and alternative feeding methods are implemented to allow time for recovery. If there is no expectation of recovery, you need to address the issues of quality of life and to what purpose. Among the three, intravenous feeding is the most aggressive is administered only as a temporary measure when the patient's GI tract is incapacitated. Prolonged intravenous feeding is not usually advised because the GI tract will degenerate without use. Feeding nutrients by nasalgastric route is the least invasive and appropriate for short term feeding of unconscious patients. For patients unable to self feed for extended times, then more aggressive measures are required. For dementia patients, please be very aware that these are extreme measures only to prolong physical life, but we all know that not being corporally dead is only part of being alive. I am very sorry you might be face with that decision. As usual, others much more knowledgable about this please correct me or add to this if I am off base.

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