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Re: How to stop stomach spasms?

Hi Solofelix, Thanks for this. Mm...not all the time but as you say they occur in episodes. Very uncomfortable and annoying when they do appear though. I started to suffer terrible GERD and IBS at the same time 2 months ago following 5 courses of antibiotics (!!!! no wonder huh?). My symptoms were so severe and honestly it felt like dying. The breathlessness was just dreadful on top of so many other symptoms. That chapter is still continuing and I'm on medication to try and settle things down. Feels much better compared with what it used to be but still the stomach is highly sensitive to certain heavy meals, chili, strong spices. So, I'm careful to avoid them but yesterday was bad judgement. It was rice and only after eating can you really judge how heavy it is on the stomach. So, that was a big mistake. I am on Nexium at the moment and I so fear the rebound because I've already had one when I cut the dose by 50%. Thanks to antacids, they saved the week! Still more to cut down but watching the symptoms again before taking another step.

One other question I keep wondering..., how can you tell whether you are ready to come off of the how can you know when the stomach is healed while you are still on drugs? Do you just have to go by the "settlement of symptoms"? Any ideas appreciated!!