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Re: How to stop stomach spasms?

Originally Posted by Gugulimo View Post
I am an IBS / Gastritis sufferer. My stomach "flutters" from time to time and it feels like the heart is beating elsewhere and there is some kind of an earthquake going on inside. I've noticed this to happen after heavy meals at times. Besides taking light meals, is there anything that can help with this? It happens before I go to sleep at times and that means, I'll keep waking up. The body naturally doesn't allow you to sleep when the stomach is like this and even if you somehow fall asleep, it doesn't let you stay that way. I do take my meals 2-3 hours before sleeping. But even this doesn't help sometimes.

Any tried and tested methods are really appreciated.
Are you talking about when your stomach itself not your intestines SQUEEZES so hard that it feels like labor contractions of the stomach? The pain builds to a intolerable point then slowly relaxes, only to do it again and again? If so, you could be having what i have. My gastro calls it antrum spasms of the stomach. Gastritis when flared can cause this. Also, with gastritis your stomach lining swells and the sphincter or passage that you food goes thru to small intestines can become very small or closed. Your stomach continues to digest because the food cant get out. And your stomach squeezes hard to force the food out. It hurts so bad it sends people to ER. Your dr can see this with EGD & has to cut the opening & dilate it. I was given zegerid 2 a day, librax( as it is a smooth muscle relaxer) to take for this. But also nitroglycerin. You have to ask YOUR dr about this because it can severely lower blood pressure, cause severe headache & effect your heart rhythym. Call your gastroenterologist or gp. They can fix this for you hopefully. Hope it stays aeay forever!