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Re: Tapering Norco help

Hi your taper sounds great at 2 pill cut per week is around a 25% reduction, and in about a Month you would be ready to jump off.
The Doc would most likely do a fast taper sometimes as short as five days and it's not fun, your idea sounds like it would work as it may not be symptomless for you, shouldn't be bad at all my thoughts,BUT a lot easier to deal with than jumping off at the level your at. Maybe some fatigue and the norm when stopping that's probably about it though.
Alot of folks that get suspected of abusing their Meds, get told no more when they go to their visit, so be happy you have these to fall back on.
only you can make the decision to do this, and to talk to your Doc. about it as you may have a very difficult time in the future if Meds are medically necessary, if you need the support get your Doc. involved though as it may be a blessing. The Doc. may respect you more to want off the meds after this long too.

You could probably reduce by 25% dose every 3-4 days and go through a little discomfort and be done alot faster.
Well good luck with it and see what your Doc. thinks and work it even if it's uncomfortable will it definitely be worth it if your ready to stop the meds.

Edit: I almost forgot the level of acetaminophen has got to be over the new Regulations of 2000mg, so get it down fast to prevent liver damage as we never know when it can happen and onset is fast take care

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