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Re: please advise about Naso and gastric tube

Dear BB,

I just noticed the thread you started not too long ago regarding your mother's UTI and her developing dementia-like symptoms. In that thread, it was not clearly established whether or not your mother is suffering from dementia, or whether her issues were more delirium-like associated with her physical ailments. Please note that all responses here is based on the assumption of dementia, and may not be fully appropriate for your mother. As a matter of priority, it seems the immediate task is to get her UTI under control. Then you can address her discomfort and her ability to pass urine. Her preference for sitting rather than lying supine suggest that she may be experiencing a certain degree of abdominal discomfort. I do not remember, but have you mentioned if they checked for kidney stones or other types of urinary blockage? The mental confusion and refusal to eat may also clear up if the abdominal issues, if they exist, are addressed. The means to introduce sustenance nutrients, whether by i.v., nasal gastric tube, or by stoma should be advised by her attendings depending on the time frame it may take to address these issues. Keep in mind that sustenance feeding by these means is for the purpose of sustaining life until such time a patient can regain ability to ingest food. In your mother's case, it may mean determination of what is ailing your mother and the time frame involved. Again, I am sorry you and your family are faced with these crisis decisions. It cannot be easy.

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