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Re: foot drop?

This is so wonderful about the Lortabs, and then to be able to correct the issue for more pills with refills. Unheard of in KY since the KASPER drug law took total effect last month. It's very frightening here now, pain medication is very hard to get. Everyone is being sent to pain clinics, and even then some folks are being treated as criminals/druggies. I pray it will all be corrected in some fashion soon. So thankful I'm not in need of this type med right now.

The smaller foot-plate sounds very interesting. This might take care of several issues. Especially nice it should be there in a few days, not a long wait. Have you any idea why the foot pain comes at night, not so much during the day? Even with my Neurontin I can move my foot and feel the discomfort, it's always with me. In your home are you always using a cane/walker?

I'm self-employed and spent most of my life with no insurance. So even a higher co-pay seems a luxury to me. Medicare takes their money right out of my Social Security, I think it's around $95 or $99 dollars a month right now. On top of this I'm paying $43 a month to Anthem BC/BS for a Regional PPO, it has additional coverage and drug coverage, best I can figure out. Have no idea what I'll have to go to next...............