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Re: please advise about Naso and gastric tube

BB, Luau has given you excellent information about the different feeding tube options and advice on which to use and why. I can only add to that my thoughts on when.

I have thought long about this question and I had to ask myself... Is there hope for my Mom to return to quality of life... or would I only be extending the inevitable. I have been through this with my FIL after a sever stroke. There was no way for him to recover to quality of life and the family opted for comfort care only. I will eventually be there with my Mom due to her late state of Alzheimer's... and my family has already opted for Hospice care. I know when the time comes I will not be able to give her back quality of life because her condition is not treatable.

So you need to sit down with the doctors and discuss the prognosis. Is this temporary, and will she get better, or are you just extending the inevitable.

I am not sure about your country, but at least here in NC, even if the patient doesn't have a living will, the responsible party can make the necessary decision in cooperation with her physician. Again, your doctor's can give you guidance. If necessary talk to an elderly lawyer familiar with medical legalities.

This is a very difficult decision that you have to make with information and much thought. I wish for you the courage and strength to do what you need to do....

Love, deb

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