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Re: Surgery set for 10/18/12: Peroneal Tendon Subluxation, Debridement

LabGimp, here's more before I forget (again):
Crutches! I asked my doctor's office if they had a pair that they can loan me and they did! This is important too since you have to put be off your foot for at least 10 days? I followed this doctor's orders and boy, it is really helping with my healing.

Scooter or knee-walker: I was dead-set about renting one but my doctor really discouraged me from using one. He says people tend to take their operated foot for granted once they're on the scooter. The chances of the foot getting bumped by something since it's "dangling" behind you is just too great that he didn't recommend it. Now I see his point. I've been using the crutches and yes, it works out just fine!

One more: elevate, elevate, elevate!
Yes, the healing period will be boring since you can only watch so much TV, you can only read so much books but my goodness, it will really help in the healing process. I say give yourself time to heal is extremely important!
Rest and psyche yourself up to heal faster in no time.

- Joy JS

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