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Re: 5 days post ACDF, trouble talking, weak hand

Just wanted to provide an update... I'm now post-op day 9 and am doing better. My voice is a little stronger, but it seems to go in and out. It's much worse in the evening.

Still having problems swallowing thin liquids (water) unless I really concentrate. I will choke and sputter several times a day. But, that has also improved day by day.

My left hand is also getting better. I can now type using it where I couldn't for the first week or so. Still have some vague numbness and other weird sensations, but definitely better.

I spoke with two different PAs in the surgeon's office. They both reassured me what I am experiencing is normal. He sounded a bit more concerned that I was still having swallowing issues and said they "would keep an eye on in."

Days 5 and 6 were the worst for me as far as how I felt overall. Today, I felt like I turned a corner.

I don't take any pain meds at all during the day, but will take half a hydrocodone (?sp) and a flexeril in the evening. I am noticing more pain in my shoulders and back the more active I am. I walk 1/2 mile two to three times a day. I am surprised at how tired I am near the end of my walks because I'm in pretty good shape. Goes to show you how taxing surgery is on the body.

I'm still sleeping in the recliner, even though it is past the five days my surgeon recommended. I couldn't even imagine trying to sleep lying down. It's so comfortable in the recliner. Still wearing the hard collar as advised by my surgeon (for the first month).