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Painful Ejaculation during sex but not through Masturbation? :S

Hi there,

I'm a typically healthy 25 year old male who just in the past month or so has realized that I'm experiencing pain during ejaculation from sex. However, the weird thing is I don't experience this pain when I ejaculate during masturbation. The pain isn't overbearing but enough to cause discomfort. The best way to explain it is the feeling of a pinch at the tip of my penis everytime semen is being expelled out. Afterwards urination and everything seemed to be usual, nothing painful there other than the typical slight burning because of the friction during sex. I've had sex twice in the last month and a half with two weeks seperating those two encounters. I've used protection other than when receiving oral and it was with the same girl. The first instance I thought I had kidney stones but I urinated after and no pain at all, so it couldn't be.

Anybody else had a weird issue like this occur? And if so do you have any idea of what the under-lying causes are?

Thanks in advance everybody, I'm just very frustrated and now somewhat concerned as this has occurred once again.


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