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Do i have herpes?

Hi All, 33 year old sexually active male here. Have been having multiple (3) partners, protected and unprotected sex in the past 6 months. 1 of my partner is my girlfriend ( yes i know i'm an ******* ), another one is a friend who i have been having sex with since november last year, and one very recent ( 4 times ). A few weeks ago i had a pimple come out on my penile shaft. That broke and cause a few more bumps to turn up around the area ( like 5, not at the same time ). Was sure it was herpes. Went to the doctors, the did a IGG blood test and a complete std profile. I was also given anti viral drugs. Everything cleared up within 5 days and my test results came back negative. They left whitish scars ( underneath the skin )(i've got a dark complexion ) and all was well. No more pain, no more discomfort. Returned for a followup and the doctor said that it could've been a bad infection of the skin and everything looks in order. Two days later, i did have rough sex and i got it again at the same area on my penile shaft a couple of days later, this time started with one and ended up with 3 blisters. Went back to my doctor and because my lymph nodes were swollen, he gave me broad spectrum antibiotics and told me that i could have a bacterial infection because the skin there was still quite vulnerable. I've finished the course and this time it didn't heal. It doesn't hurt as much but i can see that it's not crusting over. Also i feel a little feverish. And my testicles did hurt a couple of days ago. I really don't know whats going on. The blisters are flat, have a whitish middle, and reddish crater. Please help.

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