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Unhappy Re: Cervical radiculopathy caused by poor computer ergonomics

I'm in Australia and have an accepted claim for aggravation of cervical spondyslosis and chronic pain. The claim would have been rejected if I had just claimed for the spondy as it is (in the absence of trauma) an age related degenerative condition - although I was only 43 at the time. My symptoms are in my neck, upper back, shoulder, arms and hands and include pain, numbness, burning, tingling, weakness (the full spectrum) and it developed after an extended period of computer based work, poor ergonomics and consequent poor posture.

Because I claimed for an aggravation of an underlying condition it was accepted by my insurer (I worked for the government). I was assymptomatic at the time and was unaware of the spondy.

I'm not sure of your insurance provisions but an aggravation or acceleration of a degenerative condition is easier to prove and provides a clearer nexus to your working environment.