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Hey Heidi -

I just saw your post. I'm not on this forum as much as I used to be.

I know EXACTLY how you feel as this is an on-going struggle for me. The balancing act between doing enough to keep the muscles from weakening more, but NOT overdoing it to cause more damage. Where's the line?

My previous Neurologist told me that I should walk as much as possible, as long as possible, but reminded me of the balance. I was using a rollator in the house (thus walking) but a powerchair when I left the house.

And I kept doing this, despite the HORRENDOUS aching in my legs every day, leaving me in agony overnight. In March, my Occupational Therapist finally convinced me -- it was time to give up the walking in the house. The benefit I was getting was no longer outweighing the consequences.

Now, I get in my powerchair when I get up and do transfer to my recliner or the kitchen chairs, but any movement through the house is now done via wheelchair. By doing this, I AM still able to shower by myself AND can move enough in the kitchen to get food/drink as long as it's nothing too difficult or requiring me to stand up for any length of time.

At night, I leave my wheelchair in the family room to charge and pick up my rollator, using that to get to my bedroom and do my evening routine (teeth, face, etc), then park it at my bed.

Showering, dressing, easy food/drink and transferring from wheelchair to chair/bed is the extent of my walking now.

Two - three years ago, I was walking completely unassisted in my house and was able to grocery shop using the cart for stability.

Only you can be certain where the balance lies for you. I fought it to the end (meaning using the wheelchair 95% of the time) but in the end, I had to decide if walking was worth the pain (and risk of falling) that it was causing.

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