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Question Really overwhelmed - inconclusive but "suspicious of malignancy"

Hi everyone. I just recently had a FNA (8 needles no numbing-) to biopsy two suspicious masses in my left lobe. One mass is over 4cm and one is buried deep. I am 39 and otherwise very healthy. My blood work came back "within normal range" but the ultrasound revealed that the two nodules were both were hypoechoic and hypervascular. What is driving me nuts is that my biopsy was inconclusive but suspicious for malignancy. What does this mean? Do I have cancer or not??? (BTW, my symptoms aside from the big mass have been sudden unexplained weight gain and major fatigue).

I was basically told I need to meet with a surgeon (left lobe had to be removed anyway because of the size of the mass) and they need to do a full tissue biopsy to know if I have cancer or not.

I realize I can opt to have the lobectomy, and if it is cancer, go back for a 2nd surgery, or simply have a TT and remove the thyroid all together. I am scared out of my mind even though I know that it is a treatable cancer. But I think I am going to elect to just have the entire thyroid removed rather than subject myself to 2 surgeries - especially since I'll be on synthroid either way.

What is the recovery like after the thyroidectomy?

Please help!!!

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