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Re: Smoking and MS

Originally Posted by MSJayhawk View Post
I have only read about links between cardiovascular plaque and smoking, but never ovoid plaque. You might ask your doctor to show you the links. Now, that said, smoking and MS do not make for a good mix for you.

Again, ask your doctor to share his source for said link. If it exists, I think I would like to know so that I can increase my knowledge! Thanks!!
Me too! First he started out trying to say it was due to my headaches...just like the last neuro..and I told him that I do not get enough headaches to even talk about so then he said well it could be due to smoking then. Why is it so hard to get neuros to listen and understand you?? I mean, 2 MRI's showing plaques and that's what he first says! Oh I will be asking him...if my testing don't show up anything, and he says this again, I'm going to ask him to show me some evidence of smoking causing these plaques.