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Re: Perimenopause or Thyroid?

I totalllllly relate to everything you are going through. I have no thyroid, so when it all started for me, I was sure it was thyroid, which it could be a bit... But I'm 45 and I think what it is is perimenopause. I went through it all, everything you are saying, a year ago. I figured it out myself that I needed more hormones. I went on the vivelle dot, lowest dose along with 100 mg progesterone in oil. I felt better after a few weeks. Needed less and less to help me sleep.
Then, I went thru some heavy stress and started getting my period as of late, every two weeks! I can't sleep well and I cry at silly things. I feel like a bad mom bc I don't have the energy to do everything. I don't make plans bc I never know how I'm going to feel the next day. Ughhhhhh. I'm cracking up only bc I told my husband I think I have some crazy kind of cancers and I see you wrote you kep thinking that you have diseases too. He told me I should do one of those body scans.
I emailed a friend of mine who has gone thru this and she said, lots of massages. Which I've been doing. Plus baths and yoga. Just restorative type stuff like child's pose, if you know.
Go to your dr. Go to your Gyno. Get their perspective and oh, I went to my chiropractor and he gave me this stuff called Minchex by standard process. It calms the brain down but you don't feel weird. It's all natural.
I hope you are ok. Let me know....

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