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Re: Perimenopause or Thyroid?

Thanks Rabb for responding! I'm glad I relatable Yes, sounds very similar to me. I was actually at the pet store last weekend and cried when a couple brought their dog over to see my son. Their dog was missing a leg...I am so sensitive it's ridiculous. I did just get 3 books that I noticed got recommended alot on this board and am anxious to start reading. I started yoga in the Summer and absolutely loved it but got busy and have slacked on it. Time to get serious again because I did love how I felt afterwards. I will research the vivelle dot and would love to get a professional massage but can't afford that so will just beg my hubby. I know they release toxins, so they are great! A doctor of mine last year suggested L-theanine, a more natural pill for anxiety, so I guess I will start taking that again. from what I am learning though I think diet is a huge key to this so I might clean mine up a bit. I hate taking pills and I guess if I can alleviate some sxs with a better lifestyle, I'm all for it. thanks again for replying and if you have any more advice please share