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Getting scared again!!! :/

Ok my husband was diagnosed in may with rrms. His symptoms are left leg weakness and balance problems. He's been on copaxone for 1 1/2 months. He just had a second relapse after just 5 months from the last one. Does this mean he's got a worse prognosis of ms??? He had a MRI in sept and another one just last week after hospital stay. they seen more lesions within 2 Weeks!! So im scared with everything I read hes outcome is not good!! His symptoms..being a man..and shorter span of attacks means pretty much he's going to be disabled and our lives are over??? Seriously how did it come to this?? Let alone I keep having these dreams that seam so real and feelings that the drs are missing something and I keep getting told to keep searching!!! I have no idea what I'm searching for! I've always had good intuition and my gut feelings have never done me wrong! He had lesions and positive spinal tap. Apparently its Ms!! So why do I keep feeling like its also something else even after he's had so many tests done??? can anyone tell me if they think his Ms is going to be bad and why I feel like its something else?? The drs don't seem concerned I just keep getting told so many people live with Ms and I feel like they act like its no big deal that Ms has come along way! Ugh my husband thinks im nuts and im going insane having this feeling of trying to find whatever im looking for when its obviously ms. please anyone I need sometimes oppionion!!!

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