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Re: How to stop stomach spasms?

Hi Gmak, Thanks for returning. My tremors are like....well, you know how when we burp the "grrrrrr" sound comes sometimes and with that brings an internal vibration sort of feeling. Like the esophagus is momentarily shaking up like feeling...well, the stomach is like that. Makes noise sometimes but that is minimal. When I say stomach it feels like the middle part near the belly. Feels like some earthquake tremor going on in there and with the beating of the heart combined with that, good luck sleeping ;-) Since taking this medication I've noticed that my heart is more 'felt'. Usually unless you focus on it, you don't feel its there right...but, this is no longer the case. The stomach also does jazz to a cracked up rhythm now ;-) No cramps. No pain. Just feels like tremors. I am also suspicious that this Nexium is causing it. "Internal Tremors" is apparently a side effect. I also feel minor tremors in my hands sometimes....this was highlighted by another helpful comment which pointed out 'magnesium deficiency' (Nexium makes the body unable to absorb with calcium and magnesium). But those tremors are more 'rare'. The stomach ones are far more frequent. Sometimes they go down and I cannot feel them but they surely return. Particularly close to a bowel movement, I feel these strongly. Also a certain weakness comes through the body. They do get relieved after I go. IBS? Gastritis? I have both so maybe both AND the drugs? ....

What a mess isn't is depressing to think about and also go through this day after day. The tremors by the way started recently (they had stopped for a few weeks). This got triggered after I had that 'heavy' meal. That night I couldn't even sleep well. Yesterday I slept much much better. Tremor was very lightly there but not enough to keep me awake. I have noticed that if I eat, fall asleep for say 10 mins and suddenly get up, the whole system shakes badly. Then after a few minutes it settles back to 'normal' tremors that are much milder.

I have bloating. Mainly on the upper stomach. Lower stomach also gets bloated sometimes. I do get the 'acid' like feeling now and then and a funny taste in my mouth (like metal..). I either eat something or take an anti acid when this happens and it goes away. Occasional chest pain comes, mild but the moment you do the anti acid or eating something it subsides. Heaviness in the chest is more or less the same though harder to be rid of, occurs not so frequently. Like yesterday I had it for a few hours...just hanging there like something is holding the chest weighing down on it.

This is what I'm going through. Any ideas appreciated.