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Hiatal Hernia

This past summer, I had an endoscopy to try to diagnose a chronic cough I have had for 10 months. We didnít find anything out, but the doctor did mark on the paper that I have a small hiatal hernia (although he never mentioned it to me, which is odd). I am going back to see him in November, and am definitely going to address it with him.
I guess I am just wondering how serious this could be? Can it heal on its own? I am still coughing (a lot), so is there a chance I am making it worse?
Tonight I had a rather scary experience. I was eating dinner and started to get this pain in my chest. I also realized I was very full, despite the fact that I hadnít really eaten a lot. I am assuming it has to do with what I was eating (veggi lasagna-which was rather greasy due to the cheese and ginger ale- I try to avoid soda as much as possible so having the carbonation was unusual for me). I took a digestive enzyme and the feeling eventually went away. I am guessing that these were symptoms from the hernia, right?
I am just worried that this could be (or could turn into) something serious. Does anyone have any information that could help me? Thanks a bunch!

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