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Re: How to stop stomach spasms?

With the symptoms and pattern of relief it sounds like maybe severe gas. I know this sounds trite but if you have yeast it can be brutal. You said that you took5 rounds of antiobotics. This can cause yeast overgrowth. Gas.Bloating Bubbling yeast causes gas! Acidophylis, yogurt help with putting good bacteria back into your system. But, there is a anti yeast tablet your dr can prescribe if he thinks you have yeast. Quickest gas relief is dont eat vegetables. Simethicone that is OTC alone or in antacid/ gas relief preparations can help too. For me, anyway. But, the bad taste, breathless, weird heartbeat, weakness,hand tremor sounds like symptoms that your gastroenterologist needs to get to bottom of. You could call your pharmacist to see if related to the Nexium.With me the anti acid rx's often need to be changed until you find the right one. There is that thing i mentioned before that you stomach keeps on digesting because it cant empty due to gastritis swelling opening out of stomach. Your dr could check this. Wish i could be of more help. I hope that you get relief soon. It could be something new and unrelated to gastritis or IBS.Hopefully, it will just stop!,

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