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so alone and so sad

I'm so sad. I haven't seen my three kids in nearly two months and I miss them more than I can properly express. I am going through a tough time, a tough divorce, a tough life. I know it can get worse but at this point I feel all alone in the world. I can't see, talk, or even text my kids and I wonder what they are doing every moment of every day.

I don't know what to do. I don't even know how I got into this situation. I've spent most of my life doing everything I could to keep my family together, to love my entire family, to be the best dad and husband I could be. I failed as a husband and as proud as I've been at being an excellent father, none of it even matters anymore.

If I had cancer she would not have thrown me under the bus but since my illness was mental (and emotional) she tossed me out the door without a second thought. Yes I made mistakes but she has made her share and I have always forgiven her. That doesn't even matter anymore though. All that matters is getting better for my kids. I am getting better for my kids. I miss them so much.

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