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re: so alone and so sad

Having your family breaking up is so difficult. I don't understand why you can't see, talk with or text your kids. Is this court ordered or your wife's idea? I would fight for your parental rights, and hire a mediator if need be to work out a solution. It also sounds like you need to be connected with a good Dr for your mental health and a good therapist to help you through this period of time. Hopefully, you have family and friends as support. I would encourage you to get out and be with people in every way you can. Going from a family of five to being alone is a huge adjustment, and you will have to make every effort and sometimes force yourself to get out and go places so you aren't alone and so depressed. If your mental health problems contributed to the breakup, vow to get help for yourself now, so your future will look brighter and your relationships with kids will be healthier. There is nothing wrong with seeking help for a health problem, mental or physical. Hopefully the restriction with your visitation will be short and temporary until the details are worked out. Try to establish a support system for yourself of family, friends, clergy (if applicable), Dr., therapist, and a "crisis plan" of actions you can take that will help you when you feel overwhelmed by sadness, anger or grief. Keep a "hotline" number available, usually found in phonebooks or online, for you to call if your support system falls through and no one is available when you need them. Trained counsellors answer these calls and are helpful in talking you through a crisis period. Please resist any urge to cope with this thru alcohol or substance use to "numb out" and not feel the pain. You must experience the pain to get past it, and the substances use will only magnify your problems tenfold.

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