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Re: How to stop stomach spasms?

Thanks so much Gmak. Do you know whether there is a test to see whether yeast is behind this? I too wonder where on earth I end up getting bloated so much. I've not been able to establish a connection between my food and the bloating. It's like it just does its thing whenever it likes no matter how careful I am with the diet. I don't eat raw vegetables. I do take some well cooked ones and potatoes. The antibiotics must have killed everything that was good inside the stomach. The last time I went to the doctor I had a sore throat. He had one look at it and put me on yet another course of antibiotics (that was the 5th course that broke my stomach completely)....I think he misdiagnosed me. My throat must have been red due to all that acid that was building up for a major attack which only took a few days more :-( I started to faint too. He said I was having faint attacks (I thought a WHAT?). The attacks were sooooo severe.

If you know of a test please let me know. Probiotics might help? Somewhere I saw something about bacterial overgrowth...thought probiotics might cause this and I was worried because they said that if that happens, there is nothing that can really be done! So, I stayed away from Probiotics....maybe my understanding is not correct?

Also, for the yeast overgrowth issue, do you normally burp a lot or send gas the other way a lot?


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