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Strange intolerance to fat, salt, and even moisturizer- please help!

When I eat even fat, even small amounts of healthy fats, more than once per day, I become exhausted and experience depression and anxiety, and my lower right gut spasms, making it difficult to sleep. It increases my pulse, I can't fall asleep at night, and then don't sleep well and wake up very tired. Any kind of oil will do this too, but it will be much worse.

The same thing happens if I eat salt more than once per day or two days in a row. Same thing with most supplements if I take them more than every other day.

Oddly, even when I try to use any type of moisturizer, even very small amounts of chemical-free products or just a little virgin coconut oil on my crows feet, I experience the same thing: it's like my body can't assimilate any fat or chemicals, even through the skin, and has a violent reaction.

When I try any of the above, I also feel a pressure in my lower right abdomen, but NEVER any digestion problems like an upset stomach.

Could it be a liver problem? Parasite in the liver? Gal bladder? Stomach lining? Something else?

I've been tortured with with this for about 15 years. Several doctors didn't know what to tell me after I had some very basic tests done that all came back normal. Besides this problem, I'm very healthy, exercise often, eat a very clean diet, etc.

This problem happens whether I'm stressed or not, so I don't think it's stress.

What kind of specialist should I go to and what should I have tested? I don't want to spend money on useless tests so I'm trying to narrow it down.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

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