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I cought hn1, january20th 2011, I went to the er, and they sent me home, they said it was broncitus, 5 days of 104 plus fever, my doughter had to help me to get to the hospital, I collaped in the waiting room, I was there for 3 hrs when they decided to send me home. I made it off the cart and hit the floor, so they had to admite me, they put me on oxygen80%, the next day they tested me for h1n1, and did x-rays, i had h1m1 and double phnumonia, thay night about 7pm I died, they stoped working on meto go out to tell my 17yr old dauther i was dead, someone hit me with the pattles one last time and i was back sort of, they inhbated me but put the thing they put down your throat, that was backwards,suffacated on life flight to u of iowa hospital, while there i died 2 more times, kiddneyfailure, had trac, 2 chest tubes, 45 days in a coma, they found cancerwhen they put the trac in, , i had to learn to walk again, i spent almost 5 months in hospital, I got out in may, went back in and had cancer thyroid and parathyroids cut out, in july, radation in sept. , as as of oct 2012 nownd i am still fighting p.t.. lung p.t., each time i get sick, it gets worse, my lungs are at 20%, i have nuropty in my feet and legs, ,, I know how you feel, if its any hope , if you keep appelling with ssi they will send you to a doctor, make sure its a doctor of yur choice, you will win in the end, my doctor wrote a letter to ssi, and it said the only way i would get better is if there was a christmas merical, just remember if you are 6 ft above ground and not 6ft below, that makes you 12 ft tall, ya just have to find out how to be bullet proof.!!!
keep fighting, never give up, i know what you went through , and what you are going through

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