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Re: Restless Leg Syndrome Study

Doc told me that the reason for my RLS was allergen related, stress, breathing. If I cant sleep I dont rest and muscles are tired, over time it can wreck me pretty good.

I did a sleep study that put me on a CPAP machine, its basically a constant air pressure as I was not breathing right when I went to sleep in addition to the constant movements with the legs and arms.

Clonezepam helped me get through those bouts, I also used a sports cream, sorbine jr on muscle areas to kinda relax em a bit.

Hot showers helped alot too.

I had to stop taking certain meds though, they were making RLS worse. Things like anti depressants, antihistamines, whole bunch I dont even take now, I tend to stay away from chemicals mostly.

I take a d3 and magnesium which helps me. I take the 250mg magnesium one not the one with 400 and the zinc chileate. Pharmacist told me to do that. Worked liek a charm.

In addition to stretching routines, every morning and before bed, meds at the same time every night, I watch my foods as those can cause problems, caffeine, chocalates, sodas. I just drink bottled water and am trying out Smart Water, which has electrolytes and magnesium in it. Hoping that works so I can cut back on the klonipin use.

Stress release is important also, some kind of exercise, whether its just walking or going to a pool, pick something that you can have fun with, look forward to doing etc.

I chose photography as it gets me out in nature and I take snaps of things I see. Something completely different to what I used to do. I keep covered up though from the sun, cant stand getting burned for some reason.

I keep a low carb diet going but I would talk to your doc before doin anythin like that.

I found my RLS is a combination factor, one thing led to another and another etc. Once I started getting control of it, thats when I talked to doc about stopping the antidepressants and stuff, things just got easier over time and now down to just 2 pills vice 15 as before.

I hope this helps you and good luck!