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Re: Skipping beats

Thank you for the replies. I have been on the enzymes for a few days and it was a little better, till yesterday and I felt a couple skipped beats. It triggers the anxiety attacks something terrrible. I do not feel these skips in my chest, I feel them in my stomach, like indigestion more than anything, but taking my pulse, I feel the skips. I have read so much that skips are usually nothing to be concerned about, and it isn't like I am having constant skips, just a couple a day, but those couple that I feel throw me into major anxiety attacks and then I can't sleep. I am a wreck! The doctor said I could see a cardiologist if I like, but I can not afford that! He wasn't all that concerned actually.. which made me feel like he just didn't care. The kinesologist said my heart is good, the skips are from the pancreas not functioning right and that is due to the awful diet I have been eating. So it appears I am the only one freaking out over this and it just scares me because I have never had anything wrong with me and a skipped heart beat once in a while is panic for me. Am I just paranoid?