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Re: Shakiness, could it be a part of menopause?

Originally Posted by sawa108 View Post
I have been post-menopausal since 2010 and the past year I have had internal shaking. It started in my feet and I thought it may be restless leg but not sure. My doctor thought it was my blood pressure but now I am on medication and my blood pressure is under control but I still shake. What has really scared me is now I have it in my head. It only happens when I lay down in bed and try to go to sleep. I also have fibromyalgia and thought it was a symptom of that. Xanax does stop the shaking but I don't like taking it often. I am trying progesterone cream again. I took it for about two years and it worked well for hot flashes and vaginal dryness, low libido but this time it doesn't seem to be helping much and doesn't seem to stop the shakes.
I hate this. I wish I understood what is going on.
I also get this and have figured out it seems to be all hormonal. I would go talk to a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy and get some testing done. I feel like my eyes are 'vibrating' sometimes :-)

Also try meditation. It really helps if you do it on a daily basis - it doesn't necessarily stop the shaking but will help with the anxiety over it.