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Will 5 days gluten free affect tests?

This saturday I went gluten free in a (somewhat desperate) attempt to change my miserable health. Much to my surprise it worked. It worked very very very well within days.

This wednesday I also got the message, that I have been tested positive for Sjögren's Syndrome, and now it is imperative that I get tested properly for Celiac. I am quite sure I have it. It's often co-realted to Sjögren's.

Thursday morning I went back on gluten. So that's five days without gluten (and one of those days I had quite a bit of soy sauce containing gluten by accident).

Since thursday I have been feeling like hell. I am scheduled for a gastrocopy and blood sample monday.

Will these 4-5 days from saturday-wednesday affect the test results?

I have asked two doctors and got two different answers...

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