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Hey guys,

Thanks for your responses. Anyway an update. She left last Sunday. We now have a Japanese girl who is staying with us for six weeks and oh my such a big difference.
The Japanese girl contacted us a few months ago wanting to stay with us but we already had the room taken with the Hong Kong girl. The Japanese girl said, I'll even sleep in the lounge....she really wanted to stay with us. Anyway everything worked out perfect because she arrived last Sunday morning and the Hong Kong girl left about an hour after the Japanese girl arrived. While the Hong Kong girl was waiting to be picked up from her friend, all she did was sit in her room on her own. I said to her that she can come out and talk to us. She said no I'm tired and that was it. Her lift came and she walked out barely saying good bye to us. The Japanese girl thought it was so strange.

Anyway the Japanese girl doesn't think we have many rules. She thinks we are so kind. She makes sure she is home when we eat dinner because she likes to eat with us and wants to talk to us. We let her do her own thing. She doesn't have to be home at a certain time, as long as it's not too late. We told her that we just want her to enjoy her holiday. So I come home from work at 6pm, she comes home soon after, she helps with setting the table without having to be asked. We tell her not to worry, just to enjoy her holiday but she insists. Then we sit and talk till about 9pm before she goes off for a shower. She really enjoys the things we do and likes to be involved. She really wants to practise her English and reads the newspaper and asks us questions about words. The Hong Kong girl just sat in her room and spoke to her Chinese speaking friends all the time.

I feel much more relaxed now. I felt so uncomfortable before but now I feel much better. We have so many things planned for this Japanese girl, we are going to go to the casino, go to a bar for a drink as she wants to experience the nightlife, the zoo, aquarium, kangaroo sighting. We will have a BBQ at our place and we bought our costumes today for a Halloween Party as my friend is American and always puts on an awesome party. I'm just so excited as we have so much planned for the next 5 weeks she is here. Now my boyfriend and I are thinking of going to Japan for six to twelve months, lol.