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Re: Chronic throat problems

Not to be a hypochondriac, but is there a possibility that I have carcinoma? I know my odds of lymphoma are really low (my lymphocytes are normal), but I of course can't help but wonder about the worst possible scenario.

I've been told that it isn't tonsillitis, but to be honest, I have zero faith in doctors now, so who knows. They all just dismiss my concerns, and shove me to the side (seriously... the ENT telling me to come back in 2 months... ***!? What difference is 2 months going to make? That we can say that I've been suffering needlessly for a full year instead of just 10 months? And all he does is a throat swab, and gives me a penicillin prescription because I was bawling my eyes out and begging him to help me. No scope, no scans, nothing. What an idiot!)