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Re: TMJ & 'Derealization'

Hi Jacko,

Out of curiosity's sake, do you have cervical pain or tightness?

My son has had MRI's, CT scans and Tomograms of his TMJ's and C-spine (bone and soft tissue) over the years. The tests had shown that his discs were displaced at a time, but have since been recaptured. He currently has no pain or issues with his jaw/joints.

The only thing that stood out regarding his C-spine was that he had lost the curvature of his neck. (Often known as "military neck" or "the curve of Georgia") This is quite often due to spasm, which causes pulling, tightening and shortening of the muscles. He continues to see a Chiropractor and participates in Massotherapy for this.

Oddly enough, there have been several occasions throughout the years where he's been playing basketball or some type of sport, his neck has cracked and he was instantly relieved of his tinnitus and whatever level of derealization he was experiencing at the time. Again, this leads me to believe that his current symptoms that have not improved (derealization and tinnitus) are directly related to C-spine issues.

I would be interested in hearing how your EEG goes. If you have the time, please do come back and report the findings.