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Re: Hiatal Hernia

I have a small hiatul hernia. Which was diagnosed by endoscope after having chronic heartburn anf a really bad cough i couldnt shift.

I took prednisilone which is a steroid for about a week, this stopped this couhg and i felt a lot better, but it did come back although not as bad after i finished the pills, you can only take them for a limited amount of time.

The hernia is probably whats causing the cough as its to do with acid reflux. you need to eat at least 4-5 hours before bedtime prop yourself up high in bed to stop the acid coming into your throat

Make sure you do get some answers about the hernia from your Doctor, they are all quick to dismiss the ailments they feel are small. My hernia certainly doesn't go un noticed, its not trivial, and it does cause problems. So tackle with that and leave off the soda its the very worst thing for bad stomachs. Good luck.