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I can't believe this

I have been struggling with perimeno symptoms for years. Over the past year it has gotten the worst - anxiety that bubbles up out of nowhere, night sweats, insomnia, horrible periods, hair loss/thinning, did I mention anxiety that hits for no reason?

Back in June I decided to start jogging. I used to jog for years and years so decided to get back to some regular exercise to help combat the belly fat that I seemed to add from prescription progesterone cream I was using.

The jogging didn't work. I think years of running took it's toll on my joints and starting back up was brutal. Every time I stood up from sitting or sleeping every joint just screamed. So I had to find something else.

I began biking. The thing about biking is I can bike for an hour and a half or more and it's not torturous or tedious and boring. The time goes by, it's enjoyable and I'm able to get a good long workout in without dreading it.

After 2-2 1/2 months of riding like this I have noticed quite a difference in my perimeno symptoms. First thing I noticed is I wasn't losing as much hair daily. Every time I showered I would have so much hair on my hands when rinsing.

Then other things began to change. Even though I have a hard time fitting 8hrs of sleep into each night, the sleep I am getting is so much more restful! No more waking every 1 1/2 - 2hr, fall asleep, wake again, fall asleep etc. No night sweats. Periods are back to being a non-issue. I don't cramp hardly at all and it's totally done within 5 days. The best part - that anxiety is gone!! I don't get shots of anxiety or adrenaline anymore. No heart palpitations. Even the gnarly black hairs that pop up on my haven't popped up in over a month.

I don't know if it will work for others. It takes time and right now I have it. I can go ride for an hour or more during the day. If I had to go to work, it would probably be a different story. I know the liver is instrumental in breaking down excess estrogen. Maybe my exercising helps my body to function better and therefore breakdown and clear the estrogen.

I haven't used my progesterone cream since June. I will go back to my hormone dr next month and I'll be curious to see what my levels are without taking anything.

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