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Re: Weight loss help, good idea?

So, 20 by Thanksgiving is 3.3 per week, which is definitely realistic. I'm in about the same boat you're in, I started at 184, 5'7". I'm doing much better taking it 1 week at a time. In the past I've said 20 pounds by this date, or 60 by this date and it didn't work, because it seems like so much. Right now I'm eating healthy, and setting a 3 pound per week goal. Its only been 3 and a half weeks, but so far I've met or exceeded my goal every week.
I should say, this is with very little exercise (yet). I know everyone says it should be a balance of diet and exercise, but I've tried that too many times to count, and it didn't work. This time I'm starting with the food, and I'll very gradually add in exercise.
Good Luck.

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