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Re: Really overwhelmed - inconclusive but "suspicious of malignancy"

Thank you so much Reece!!! I really appreciate your advice!!!

I met with the surgeon today (who is top-notch and came highly recommended by everyone i have talked to). He strongly recommends that I do the lobectomy, and if it is cancer, he will bring me right back in for the remaining lobe. As of right now, he said there is only a 15-20% chance that it is follicular carcinoma based upon my path report. He then explained that there were too many risks with a TT to surrounding tissue (parathyroid, windpipe, vocal cords, etc) and that it is unnecessary to take that risk unless we know it is cancer - then I have no choice but to have the rest of the tissue removed.

He also explained that given the size of my mass (4.6 cm) that he will be removing 60% of my thyroid anyway. Honestly, my head is still swimming from all of this. I told him that if he opens me up and the tissue looks cancerous, to just go ahead and remove everything. So now I just have to wait for my surgery date- which is currently Nov. 26 and hope that they can squeeze me in earlier if there is a cancellation. I am just so anxious to get this thing over with. I hate the waiting, and not knowing whether or not I have cancer. Thankfully, like you said, it is absolutely treatable. I guess I am just anxious to put this all behind me!