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Do doctors frown upon the uninsured?

Hi..I lost my health insurance about a year ago..I just couldnt pay it anymore.I had individual insurance,the price kept going up,and if it wasnt paid EXACTLY by the due date,the provider would NOT cover anykind of tests that I had done if I was late paying...I have several health problems and go into my doctors every few months..That was another problem,the provider would NOT cover any of my pre-existing health issues.At first when I went into my doctors for a visit,they would ask me if I had got isnsurance yet..I kept saying no,,not yet...Well,after awhile,they seem to be treating me differently...They are cordially friendly,but not like they were before.I brought up today,some health problems I wanted some simple blood tests done,and was basically shuffled in and out,,and getting a feeling this doctor didnt believe my symptoms or even care to.I havent been feeling well for awhile,and feel like I am being dismissed as an UNINSURED person,who basically no doctor can make money off of.Do doctors prefer the INSURED?do they make more "money" off the insured?is their job easier if insured..Do they think the uninsured doctor shop or something?Cripe..I cant pay for one doctor,let alone anymore...I feel so sick,so tired,so dismissed,so degraded,so unvalidated,,I just want to cry..How can I go to another doctor for a second opinion,when the doctor who Ive had for years and trusted wont even try to help me ...( I am searching for answers,tests on connective tissue illneses)

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